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Surgery Protocol

Surgical Admissions

  • Presurgical bloodwork is recommended and sometimes required for anesthetic procedures
  • Consent forms must be signed prior to surgery
  • No Food or Water after midnight before surgery
  • Drop off patient at 8:00 am
  • Current contact information is needed for updates during and after surgery

During Surgery Day

  • Specific time of surgery for your pet depends on the amount of procedures that day
  • Feel free to call and check at any time
  • You may call for a status report by the end of the day

After Surgery

  • Follow your veterinarian’s discharging instructions
  • Sutures or staples are removed in 10 days unless told otherwise
  • Monitor your pets incision for redness and swelling
  • Monitor your pets appetite and water consumption
  • Maintain bandages and administer medications as instructed by your veterinarian
  • Any changes in your pets condition that concern you, please feel free to contact us.
  • Return for a follow up as directed by your veterinarian